Why do Travel books tell Good About African Countries?

Travel books write well about African countries because there are many facts about Africa which can be neglected by the influence and bad image portrayed by the world media. Africa is full of wonders those who have explored Africa can relay about this story. Follow is a list of reason why travel books are filled with positive facts about the African countries.

Non-Conflict areas

Those super power which divided Africa in different colonies that trend is long gone. Most of the African countries are self-governed means there is no government there which might have agenda against tourist country. They can visit explore and right whole book how beautiful is Africa.

Different states and Different customs

Africa has vast of a variety of the different states. Each state has its own custom and run by a different group of people. The language of each state is different the clothes of each state is different. These states have their own economy. Whenever a writer of a travel book visits these states he is impressed by the number of the different customs he can found in a state.

Ancient history and languages

Africa is full of ancient history. Pharaonic civilizations is a big example of the ancient civilizations which still exists in the world. Egypt comes under the civilisation which his considered to be one of that area which has long lasted decades. Most of the people in Africa are used to speaking Arabic. Arabic is a most communicated language in the Africa with one thirty million people speaking it. This followed by the English language. Those who can’t understand and communicate through the Arabic they can communicate through the English language.

Since Africa is also categorize as populated area of the world. There are people who can speak Swahili and French there. They are master of these languages which people pay money to learn. Spanish and Portuguese are those languages which are very less spoken in the Africa.

Population in Africa

When writers meet a different kind of people on their travel they take that into account and make their meetings part of the book. Africa has a huge population that is one billion. This population is seventeen percent of the population of the whole world. Travelers have a plus point that there is so much diversity in the population that no one can cover it one trip. Most of the travelers have made numerous trip to properly visit Africa and complete their book.  Locals of the Africa may be illiterate but they try to learn whatever they can get their hands on. These locals are very friendly they help tourist on their visit since they know the importance about the tourist and money they bring for the locals

For this reason and a vast variety of options when a writer visits the area he get impressed by a large number of people. That is why travel books are full of positivity about Africa.