What to do to become an astronaut

An astronaut or you can also call them a cosmonaut, is an individual who is trained by a human spaceflight program to instruct, pilot and also practice as the crew member of the spacecraft. Spacecrafts are mostly used by professionals only, there are rulings if others like scientists, journalists, tourists and politicians are willing to join the experience. It was till the year 2002 when astronauts were solely under the training of the government, unlike in the present year. Mostly the military or the civilian space took this responsibility back then. In the year 2004, a new kind of an astronaut was introduced, which was the commercial astronaut. There are many people out there dreaming of visiting the outer space one day. Individuals like these make up their mind of becoming an astronaut in an early age. But the question that arises is that, what does a person have to do to become an astronaut?

1.Do not hide your desire of becoming an astronaut

Now this does not mean that you need to talk about this on your social media accounts all the time, but talk about it to your close ones, like your friends and family, the people who wouldn’t take it as a joke but respect your dream and support you. Furthermore, by this I do not mean that talking about this online would always have a negative impact on your dream, but you should at least be clear about why you are doing so. If you are thinking that NASA would select you just because you have a huge fan base on social media then that isn’t how that works, but if your intention is to interact with a group of people who will be willing to support you, then that’s a good approach.

2.Make an effective plan and stick to it

Do you know the difference between a dream and a goal? A dream is almost unachievable in real life, on the contrary, a goal always comes with a plan and is achievable if it is worked upon. This is exactly what you have to do. Start from the point you are standing in your life at the time and plan till what you want to achieve in the end, in this case, becoming an astronaut. To become an astronaut you need to be a good scientist first. Focus on your mathematical and scientific skills from the very first point and that would be at school.

3.What are the requirements to become an astronaut at NASA?

All such requirements are mentioned online for your convenience. For every country, the space agency might have slight changes when it comes to the requirements to apply to the NASA astronaut corpse.

4.Health conditions

  • The applicant must be healthy
  • The applicant should not be a drug, tobacco or alcohol dependant.
  • The applicant must be free from any mental disease.

In short, the applicant must be physically and mentally healthy.