Twitter Launches New Camera Tools to Increase Visual Focus

Twitter Launches New Camera Tools to Increase Visual Focus

Since the past few years, all the social media sites had started introducing the ‘stories’ feature, being inspired by the success of it on Snapchat in the first place. Being a little late Twitter is not hesitant to introduce its own take on the stories feature. However, Twitter has not completely immersed in the exact concept, alterations are there on it’s recently launched new camera tool feature.

Now in the updated version of Twitter, as you swipe to the left from your twitter feed, the new camera tool will be opened, allowing you to take pictures and make videos and even be live on twitter just like Instagram. The videos it will be featuring has a limit of up to 2 minutes and will be recorded by holding onto the button instead of clicking it, which will capture an image. The ‘live’ option is also right next to the ‘capture’ option. In the next step, you will be able to add in the details such as hashtags, locations, and captions. When these are tweeted, they appear larger than regular tweets. The stickers feature has not been added as of yet and the content will not be viewed as that of Instagram and Snapchat but will be available in the explore tab when relevant to events.

Since twitter previously lacked the ‘in the moment’ element, the stories feature is introduced to fill the void of such visual updates and entertainment. It might have previously been mocked but now since every social site endorsed the feature, (including LinkedIn planning to indulge in it as well) Twitter felt incomplete. It has been worked on since the few past months with the help of Matt Navarra who is a social media expert. The feature has been tested in the last month as well.

Twitter is ery much already known for being a good news source, the stories feature will definitely help enhance the current happenings that twitter most forwardly features. The feature will be made use of on all levels, through brands enhancing their advertisement posts, celebrities providing updates about the events and what is currently going on in general. Moreover, visual content is always more enticing than the plain texts, hence the more, the merrier.

In the case of event planning such as a runway show, twitter already being known for the enormous show-biz community will grab further attention to your new event when celebrities feature it back on their stories. This is the cheapest yet one of the most effective methods of promotion. Using relevant trending hashtags and clichéd captions are all that these events are about.

This is, however, just the beginning of the vast platform Twitter is extending on and its potential is yet to be seen. Marketers are looking to buy twitter followers cheap that aid them for exposure and publicity. There will definitely amendments and updates be made in the near future once the feature kicks off in a more proper fashion. The exposure here is limitless only if Twitter tackles with it and learns to play with it a little further.