5 Best Social Media Networks

There are so many social media networks out there.

It seems like every day a new one pops up, promising to share the latest video of your favourite celebrity or to connect you with long lost friends (or that cute girl/guy you saw at Starbucks).

But for business owners, knowing when and when not to use these social media platforms can be confusing.

Rather than try all the different options available, experts recommend picking just a few networks that work best for you and your company’s goals.

So what are the top five social media sites?  How should they be used?  And how do they help entrepreneurs in their marketing efforts?  

Here is our list of the top 5 most popular social media sites in 2016.



With over 1 billion monthly users, it’s hard to ignore Facebook as one of the best social media networks for your business needs.  People are using the site every day to connect with friends and family, share news about their lives, and post pictures from weddings to vacations to everything in between.

Business owners have taken advantage of these connections by advertising on the site via sponsored posts or by creating their own page.   You can extend your company’s reach even further through Facebook contests or sweepstakes – just be careful not to run afoul of anti-gambling laws if you’re giving away prizes!


Pinterest is yet another great way for businesses to market themselves online without breaking the bank.  To start, you’ll need to create a pinboard with the types of images that are most interesting to you.   This may be fashion-related photos for your clothing store or recipes for a cooking site.

Once your board is created, there are two ways businesses can use Pinterest.  The first option is to create an account and follow other users/boards on the platform.  Feel free to re-pin their photos if they fit with what you want your audience to see!

If you don’t have time for this extra step, consider advertising on the site instead – it’s effective and easy!


Although small compared to some social media sites (the company boasts just 320 million active users), Twitter is a favourite platform for business owners because it allows you to advertise directly on the site.  Just create an account and post updates that link directly to your website, sending people who retweet your posts back to your page.

Although many companies have heard of Twitter and use it regularly, they may not realize there is more than one type of account on the site.   First, there is a “personal” profile that can be used for private messages within the network.  Then there are company accounts that allow for direct advertising as well as up to four sub-accounts so individual employees can have their own presence without advertising to the entire world!


LinkedIn, another popular social media site geared specifically towards business professionals, offers many benefits for entrepreneurs.

First and foremost, this is a great site to find and hire new employees.  Not only do you get to search through hundreds of resumes and cover letters directly from your LinkedIn page (saving time and money), you can also create “groups” that allow like-minded users with similar interests or goals to network together.

In addition, although not as simple as sites like Facebook, LinkedIn offers paid advertising options as well as sponsored posts which can boost your business’s exposure online.



While not the most popular social media platform among the general population, YouTube is a favourite source for many small businesses who want their products advertised on video.   Because it has over a billion daily users, the site gives you a huge audience to reach out to – and multiple options for advertising.

The first is a standard commercial that runs before the actual video starts playing.   These may be targeted towards a certain age group or gender but can include popular search words or other methods to reach your desired viewers.   The second option is to advertise as part of one of the videos themselves – if your business fits with what’s being discussed on the show, this presents a great opportunity!


It has received some attention recently as a rising star in social media, with 50 million users joining the platform every month.  Every second TikTok content is increasing and people share it rapidly. Is your content getting shared on TikTok yet? If not, then you can consider purchasing TikTok shares for your content. The fact that it’s exploding in popularity doesn’t make it any less useful for business owners – companies can use TikTok to promote their products/services by creating short videos about what they have to offer! 

However, there are a few caveats with TikTok.  Many users are teenagers who may not have money to spend on your products/services.  To get around this, consider running contests or creating competitions revolving around your brand – it’s likely that these younger consumers will want to share what you’re offering with their friends!

Now let’s review the main points from this article

No matter which social media sites you choose, just remember that it takes time and effort from everyone involved in order to have any success.  Make sure all employees know at least a few basics about each platform so they can help promote company updates when necessary


Twitter Launches New Camera Tools to Increase Visual Focus

Since the past few years, all the social media sites had started introducing the ‘stories’ feature, being inspired by the success of it on Snapchat in the first place. Being a little late Twitter is not hesitant to introduce its own take on the stories feature. However, Twitter has not completely immersed in the exact concept, alterations are there on it’s recently launched new camera tool feature.

Now in the updated version of Twitter, as you swipe to the left from your twitter feed, the new camera tool will be opened, allowing you to take pictures and make videos and even be live on twitter just like Instagram. The videos it will be featuring has a limit of up to 2 minutes and will be recorded by holding onto the button instead of clicking it, which will capture an image. The ‘live’ option is also right next to the ‘capture’ option. In the next step, you will be able to add in the details such as hashtags, locations, and captions. When these are tweeted, they appear larger than regular tweets. The stickers feature has not been added as of yet and the content will not be viewed as that of Instagram and Snapchat but will be available in the explore tab when relevant to events.

Since twitter previously lacked the ‘in the moment’ element, the stories feature is introduced to fill the void of such visual updates and entertainment. It might have previously been mocked but now since every social site endorsed the feature, (including LinkedIn planning to indulge in it as well) Twitter felt incomplete. It has been worked on since the few past months with the help of Matt Navarra who is a social media expert. The feature has been tested in the last month as well.

Twitter is ery much already known for being a good news source, the stories feature will definitely help enhance the current happenings that twitter most forwardly features. The feature will be made use of on all levels, through brands enhancing their advertisement posts, celebrities providing updates about the events and what is currently going on in general. Moreover, visual content is always more enticing than the plain texts, hence the more, the merrier.

In the case of event planning such as a runway show, twitter already being known for the enormous show-biz community will grab further attention to your new event when celebrities feature it back on their stories. This is the cheapest yet one of the most effective methods of promotion. Using relevant trending hashtags and clichéd captions are all that these events are about.

This is, however, just the beginning of the vast platform Twitter is extending on and its potential is yet to be seen. Marketers are looking to buy twitter followers cheap that aid them for exposure and publicity. There will definitely amendments and updates be made in the near future once the feature kicks off in a more proper fashion. The exposure here is limitless only if Twitter tackles with it and learns to play with it a little further.