What Are Dos and Don’ts Of Feeding Creatures In Your Backyard?

If you have a backyard in your house, doesn’t matter how small of big it is, you can sit outside and relax through the year. A nice backyard with beautiful landscaping makes a house your home, where you make some of the finest memories. Birds and animals bring life and mood that backyard, it is lovely to see these birds and animals do their thing to maintain perfect balance of Mother Nature. Your backyard is a natural habitat to numerous creatures. 

You can play your role in maintaining a sustainable ecosystem by providing feed to animals and birds in backyard. Feeding wild creatures is easier said than done. There are few factors which should be kept under consideration. In this article we have explained few of the factors

Proper Planning

Anything done without proper planning and knowledge is a recipe of disaster. To avoid any disaster, conduct thorough research on spices residing in your backyard. From their eating habits to how they live and breed, you should know it all. Once you have enough information plan or make appropriate changes to your backyard. 

Right Type of Feed

What Are Dos and Don'ts Of Feeding Creatures In Your Backyard?

Every species of animals and birds have a different preference of feed which they consume. Try to provide feed which is closest to what they eat when in forests i.e fresh organic food.  It is important to maintain appropriate balance of nutrition in mixed feed. Few of the most commonly used foods include seeds, nuts, sunflower seeds, alfalfa pellets and much more. 

Ample Water Recourse

What Are Dos and Don'ts Of Feeding Creatures In Your Backyard?

Just like any other living organism every bird or animal living in backyard needs hydration. Water should be made available in backyard according to how they like to consume water while being safe from other animals they might harm them. Few like running water while few like to sip from hanging water resources. 



Once you have knowledge of what resides in your backyard, make proper arrangements for its cover and breeding. It’s ideal to plant different trees and provide natural food and water resources. Another way is to let habitat  grow its self by leaving natural debris around the backyard. Debris can include fallen leaves, broken branches and naked surface. All these species work together in sync to develop a habitat that suits every creature.

Use Feeders to Feed

What Are Dos and Don'ts Of Feeding Creatures In Your Backyard?

As mentioned earlier, every bird or animal likes to feed differently. Birds like to feed from higher surfaces or positions, so it is ideal to hang bird feeders around the backyard and on the trees.  Gazing animals like deer feed while standing, it is better to get ready made deer feeders or make one yourself. Best deer feeders keep expensive feed safe from other animals and moisture making it last much longer. 

Safety Measures

You are responsible for well-being and safety of species in your backyard. Keep such habitats away from busy streets and vehicles. Fast moving cars can run over innocent animals can cause a disaster. 

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