TikTok videos won’t play: what to do?

TikTok can be used to record short clips, trim them, and add music to them. Of course, you can also watch the videos of other TikTok users, and even if there are rarely problems, sometimes it happens, and the videos do not play. If the TikTok videos cannot be played or kept stopping, then the cause often arises. Even if a wide variety of things can cause the problem, it is often very easy to get the problems under control.

TikTok doesn’t play videos.

  • Check internet connection: Of course, you must have an active internet connection so that the video can be loaded and played. Internet connection is usually the main cause when the videos cannot be played.
  • Restart the app: If there are problems in apps, a restart often helps. Both a restart of the app and a complete phone restart can fix some problems as if by magic.
  • Log out and log in again: If you have problems, you should log out and log in again via the TikTok app’s settings. You should know your access data for this action because you have to re-enter them when you log in again.
  • Empty cache: The downloaded videos are cached by the TikTok app so that they don’t have to be downloaded again the second time they are viewed. If there are problems playing videos on TikTok, then you should delete the cache via the settings.
  • Install the latest version: You haven’t installed any app updates for a while? The error may already be known, and a new version that has not yet been installed can be fixed.


If TikTok video is not loading

If the TikTok video still does not load and play, this could also be due to TikTok. In that case, just be patient for a few minutes, and the problem should resolve itself. Experience has shown that TikTok down, and if there are problems, it usually doesn’t take long to resolve them.


Recover deleted TikTok video?

If you have deleted a video on TikTok, you cannot undo this directly in the current version. However, there are two ways you might still be able to get the video back. On the one hand, there is currently a trick that you can use to download liked videos, even if they have been deleted.

  • In the first step, you have to open the TikTok app and then display the liked videos via the profile.
  • If the video was only deleted a few seconds ago, it is still displayed in the list and can be saved or downloaded.

 Delete the video?

If you can no longer find the deleted video under the linked clips and accordingly can no longer restore it, then you should just take a look in your own gallery or in the recordings. When uploading and posting a video, you can set the TikTok app so that a copy of it should also be saved in the gallery. If you delete the videos in the TikTok app, they are not automatically deleted from the gallery. If you are using TikTok and don’t have a bunch of followers on your profile,buy TikTok followers is the most affordable and safe way to increase your followers.you can buy it from www.socialprboss.com