3 Top Tips to Promote Your Business on TikTok

If you have a teenage child for sure, you have already heard of TikTok. Once you have created your own account, allows the post of short videos with background music, being able to choose from a wide range of filters for graphic customization and sonorous of the content. If you are an entrepreneur, this new application can represent a great opportunity to promote your business or your product to an audience that grows hour by hour.

Three tips to promote your company on TikTok

If you’ve followed me up here, maybe some ideas for an advertising campaign on TikTok have come to you. If not, I want to give you some other suggestions to undertake this new challenge in the right way. Ready? Then we go.

Look for collaborations with influencers.

If you can find influencers on TikTok who have the same target audience, do not hesitate to contact them to establish collaboration. This can quickly lead to results.

For example, the US restaurant chain Chipotle, collaborating with the influencer David Dobrik, launched the challenge with hashtag #ChipotleLidFlip, quickly obtaining more than 100,000 shares and 230 million views. Further, you can buy TikTok followers from www.instadean.com to get the most out of this platform.

How does advertising on TikTok now make a little more sense to you now? We are confident that with these tips, you are now perfectly able to get the most out of your promotion strategy on TikTok.

Study the platform

Before you start advertising on TikTok, you need to be familiar with the platform in which you move, so you will need to study the platform well, understand what type of content could work and what the channels are for interacting with others. For example, one of the first things to know is how to make live videos on TikTok, in other words, how to publish live streams, which usually have higher levels of involvement than other types of clips and content.

To make a live on TikTok, the first thing to do after entering your account (you already have one, right?), will be to click on the “plus” button at the bottom of the screen by selecting the word “Live” in correspondence of the item “video.”

Be careful, though, because before you start recording, the app will ask you to give a title to your clip by inserting it in the appropriate field. Be careful not to use banned words because, in this case, your clip cannot be published). Once this is done, you just have to press the Go Live button to start talking to other users through your direct streaming.

Create fun content

As you will have well understood, TikTok is certainly not the right place for long and boring presentation videos. The number one rule, if you want to increase fans, publish fun and visually appealing content.

Using the Duo function for sure can also help. This allows you to publish two videos in comparison on the same screen, which in this case, will appear divided into two.

It can be two videos of yourself or videos with different people, such as your friend and another user of the platform.

If you don’t know how to do duets with TikTok, don’t fret because it’s really very simple. All you have to do after entering the application is to browse the videos published by other fans or yourself on your feed by clicking on the “Share” button when you see the video you want to duet with.

The Journey of Ibn Battuta

Ibn Battuta was a Moroccan scholar and traveler. His full name is Abu abd al-Lah Muhammad ibn Abd al-lah I-lawati t-Tangi ibn Batutah. He is famous as one of the greatest traveler. He was born in Tangier, Morocco on 25th February 1304. This city is located 45 miles west side of Mediterranean Sea. The family of Ibn Battuta was well educated. All men were legal scholars. He was raised with the same accent. His family focused greatly on his education. In tangier, there was no school for higher education or learning as well as there was no madrassa there. That’s why Ibn Battuta traveled across different countries and searched best teachers and best libraries. A brief detail of his traveling is given below.

The Travels of Ibn Battuta

Starting of Journey:

            Ibn Battuta traveled to gain learning which was not possible for him in Tangier. So he started his journey in search of best teachers and good libraries. At that time good scholars were present in Cairo, Alexandria and Damascus. Making a pilgrimage to mecca known as Hajj was its utmost desire. Ibn Battuta started his journey alone. He stayed at different Madrasas and Sufi places as he started traveling towards Tunis. The Governor of one city gave him some woolen clothes and gold as charity. He was elected as paid judge known as qadi in those times. Then he moved to Alexandria.

Ibn Battuta Trip of Alexandria:

            He arrived Alexandria and spent three days there. He stayed as a guest of a Sufi named as Burhan al-din. The Sufi recognized ibn Battuta as a great traveler and recommended him to visit three of his fellow Sufis. One was living in China while other two were in India. Ibn Battuta was really happy to get the suggestion from Burhan al-din and he was glad to travel and to meet those three Sufis. Ibn Battuta also stayed in a town near Alexandria. He visited another saint and while sleeping on that men’s roof he saw a dream that a large bird came to him and carried him in the east direction and left him there. So he discussed this dream with the saint. The saint advised him to travel to India as Burhan al-din already suggested him.

The journey to Damascus: 

            In Damascus, he stayed for 24 days in one of three madrassas. World’s famous jurists and theologians belong to Damascus. On a classical book, they taught their students and then after taking the test they issue certificates to those who passed this test. He also took some formal studies here.

Entrance in Mecca:

            In the mid of October in 1326 Ibn Battuta entered Mecca. After one year and four months, he reached Mecca, staying at various places. He stayed in for almost a month. He had good experiences of his life there. He met different people in various Islamic lands. He further started his journey to Baghdad in a camel caravan which was returning from pilgrims. He reached Baghdad and practiced his career there.

In short, in his entire lifespan, he kept traveling. This a short summary of Ibn Battuta travels. He had amazing adventures in his journey and at least 10 times he got married.