Eine Brise / A Breeze

WANTED: 111 cyclists to perform ‘Eine Brise’ (‘A Breeze’) by avant-garde Argentinian composer Mauricio Kagel.

Date: Saturday 29th May 2010
Rehearsal: 13:30h
Performance: 15:00h – 16:00h
Location: Glasgow Green

Kagel described A Breeze as a Transient Action For 111 Cyclists. The cyclists are organised into a cohort approximately 5 metres wide by 150 metres long. As they approach, cycle past, and draw away from spectators along their route they perform a defined sequence of specified Sound Events (ringing of bells, whistling, singing, flutter-tongue sounds, wind noises). The action itself is over within minutes.

In its combining of contraries – art/sport, sound/music, freedom/discipline – A Breeze embodies Kagel’s continual questioning of convention.

If you’d like to take part in this very special event, please email us (Oliver Rundell and Alex South) or visit our Facebook event page.

All you need is a bicycle with a bell or a horn – if you don’t already have a bell, don’t worry, we will be able to supply you with one on the day.

There will be a rehearsal at 1:30pm when we can teach you what to do. You don’t have to sing in tune, and there won’t be any auditions. No previous musical experience is necessary!

This event is taking place by kind permission of Edition PetersGlasgow City Council.

This event will be accessible to deaf/hoh with BSL interpretation provided by Rachel Mapson.