After a surprisingly civilised journey across the North Sea on a
freight ship, we arrived in Gothenburg, and cycled through the rain to
our first campsite. Into town to visit Alex the tenor and drink beer
in a Brazilian theme bar (authentically Swedish, naturally) and then
back to the tent.

Yesterday we spent an inordinate amount of time faffing in the city
centre, finally leaving at about 2 o’clock. Some roadworks and a
diversion nearly sent us back into town, but we were soon on the
Sverigeleden path north. About 100 kilometres later, we rolled into
Trollhattan and found a beautiful campsite. This morning we’ve
spotted an enormous hare, a German couple on a tandem, and a very
noisy chattering bird. Time for a quick coffee by the canal before we
set off north again.

Total distance covered so far: 213kms.

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One Response to “Gothenburg”

  1. Dummy Jim Says:

    Dear Gentlemen

    Are the German couple cycling North? Perhaps with a lasso of strong rope you may harness their combined Teutonic leg-power for a wee while.

    Yours aye